How it works?


Together we’ll work out:
  • Your best Colour Direction (you’ll be amazed how colour can enhance your complexion and make you shine).
  • How to best dress your Body Shape (yes, your shape is perfectly capable of looking amazing, in the right style clothes).
  • Your Signature Style and how to cultivate it (connecting with a style that is uniquely yours is a total game changer looking and feeling comfortable and confident)
  • Your Wardrobe Needs based on your Lifestyle and we’ll craft a well-planned shopping list. (A well planned list leads to successful shopping – no random purchases here!)

Once we’ve got all the exciting prep work behind us I’ll take you out for a light lunch! Yep. Lunch is on me.

In the afternoon…

We put your tools to work,

With a Savvy Shopping Session!

OMG! You’re in for a treat!

With the help of my 15+ years of industry experience we quickly select the best styles for you with laser-like precision. Say goodbye to aimless wandering and impulse shopping!

Change room angst and frustrations will be a thing of the past. I’ll be your runner if the size doesn’t fit or if we want to change things up.

When we’ve decided on the selections, I’ll show you how to style it all together. Finally, you too will be an accessorising pro. Oh yeah!

Better still… due to my fabulous relationships with the local retailers you get great discounts! Many of my clients have told me that the discounts alone have covered a large portion of my fee. Many personal stylists get retailer kickbacks for bringing them clients. I don’t. I prefer to give these kickbacks to you instead, in discounts.

SAVVY MAKEOVER day inclusions:

Morning consultation as outlined above.

A take home style profile to make it easy for you to successfully add future key pieces to your wardrobe.


Afternoon shopping session.

*** The actual cost of your new wardrobe is NOT included in this service. We will discuss your budget when we work together so that I can cater to your needs and select appropriate retailers that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Say hello to a confident new you!

By the end your SAVVY MAKEOVER day, you’ll finally know what it feels like to have style confidence and clarity about what works and what doesn’t when selecting key pieces for your wardrobe.

You’ll be the proud owner of a gorgeous stylish wardrobe that not only works, but is full of clothes you love to wear.

Best of all, you’ll feel amazing and confident. Wine anyone?!

Thank You Amanda!

“With your help I saved 18% on clothes and ¾ of your fee…

Based on the spreadsheet I made after our trip, the discounts provided by shopping with you covered 3/4 of your fee, and you got me all set up for this season in a couple of hours.  

I’m enjoying the new clothes and am glad I have that big snuggly cardi from French Connection for those cooler evenings! I got the Jigsaw suit pants taken in a bit by Queen of Stitches (thanks for the recommendation) so they now fit perfectly – they look amazing with the new jumpers and necklace.  

Thanks again for a fun trip out. Cheers.”

Jenny Boniface

How much does it cost?

Consider THE SAVVY MAKEOVER as an investment—in YOU!

My clients tell me that the money they save on the retailer discounts I have secured for them often cover a large portion of my fee. In addition, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by avoiding impulse shopping and shopping smarter for years to come because when you know what works and what doesn’t, you’ll no longer make those expensive shopping mistakes.

The purpose of your SAVVY MAKEOVER…

Is not about swiping your credit card in a frenzy to fill your wardrobe with random clothes. It’s a purposeful  opportunity to dress for your body shape, accessorise with intent and style, discover where to shop to suit your budget and pick up new styling tips and tricks.

Your SAVVY MAKEOVER investment is $875. And when we’re done and dusted, you’ll be the proud owner of a wardrobe you love—a constant source of inspiration, satisfaction and good outfit days. Oh yeah!

You may also like to know, I have a wide range of personal styling experiences to suit various needs and budgets that may suit you better. Let’s connect so that you can learn more about your options.

Take the first step today…

And get in touch with me to discuss your SAVVY MAKEOVER.

I promise you’ll love the confident new you.

Are you ready for a Savvy Makeover? Call me: (08) 8363 3363 Or email me at:

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