From Savvy Personal Styling Sessions to Corporate Makeovers

As a Professional Style Consultant, I’ve Got Your Back!

No matter who you are, what you do, what your body shape is and what budget you have for your wardrobe, chances are, as a style consultant I’ve got a service that has got you covered. 

The Savvy Makeover

For People Who Want to Look Stylish and Feel Confident Every Day!

Imagine being able to get dressed each day—quickly and easily—and feel amazing in your outfit. The Savvy Makeover gives you back control over your wardrobe so that you can choose an outfit for any occasion…

Be it for running around getting the daily chores done, a casual lunch or dressing up for a special occasion. YES please!

  • This is for you if regardless of what you wear, you doubt yourself…
  • To add insult to insecurity you have no idea how to put an outfit together…
  • And accessorizing seems like something only the fashionistas do well…
  • What’s worse? Your wardrobe doesn’t reflect the real you at all…

What you REALLY want is a wardrobe that works for YOU, YOUR lifestyle and YOUR budget. You want to look stylish and feel confident. You want to be able to choose a fabulous outfit for any occasion and get ready quickly and easily. And that’s exactly what you’ll get—in the Savvy Makeover.

The Clever Business Makeover

For Business Owners and Professionals Who Want to Thrive, Walk Their Talk and Look the Part

This is perfect for you if you want to feel stylish, comfortable and confident for meetings, presentation or interviews… dress smartly for your daily business activities… and gain respect as a leader.

You’ll have a fabulous and functional business wardrobe that ensures you are always…

Appropriate + Attractive + Authentic + Assured!

Let’s face it, between juggling family, household and work time is scarce. Dressing for work challenges you because you want to dress smartly and look the part. But your wardrobe isn’t working. And choosing outfits has become stressful, frustrating and time consuming.

Asking retail assistants for their input and getting feedback from friends and family hasn’t worked out either, because they don’t understand your style. You need a Professional Personal Stylist who gets this.

What you want is a style that enhances your role, sends the right message and helps you feel confident. And to make that happen you need a wardrobe that works.

You need a stylish, professional wardrobe that allows you to dress quickly and have you looking amazing every day. And that’s exactly what I’ll help you create as a style consultant. Hello ease of packing for business travel too!

The Standout Corporate Makeover

For Companies Who Want a Competitive Edge and Credibility

CEOs, HR and MARKETING managers tell me that the hardest part about creating a congruent corporate style is getting their uniforms right… That they struggle to create a dress policy and guidelines that fit the business style of today… and their culture. And they don’t know how to clearly communicate their expectations. As a result the whole corporate style makeover exercise becomes hugely time consuming and frustrating.

Trust me, it doesn’t have to be that way. As a professional corporate style consultant I have a holistic process that will solve your corporate style dilemmas.

Forget having to battle with complex ordering systems, stressing about compliance, dealing with staff complaints about their uniform, worrying about the lack of uniform choices and comfort and staff not dressing appropriately.

Not to mention stressing about the impact on your brand image with a mish-mash of uniform pieces that simply don’t create the on-brand vibe you’d like. And then there’s the issue of staff turning up on casual Friday in attire more suited to the beach or a nightclub.

There is a better way.

Let me help you create the best corporate style in your industry… with a collection-based uniform, custom additions, and tailored dress policy guidelines that are uniquely yours, fresh and modern.

Need a dose of style

I have SOLUTION for YOU!


Discover how to have colour confidence, by wearing colours that make you shine while avoiding those that don’t… and how to achieve body confidence by dressing to flatter your body shape, so that you look and feel amazing every single day!

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