Helping you and your business stand out for the right reasons

Hi, I’m Amanda Curren, your Adelaide based Corporate Workwear and Uniform Specialist and Personal Stylist.

In 2002 I established Ask Amanda – Image & Style Consultants. With extensive national and international experience in image consulting, the hair & beauty industry, management and corporate training & development I quickly established myself as South Australia’s leading authority on image and style.

In 2016 I rebranded my business and The Style Manifesto was born!

These days, I spend my time working with a variety of corporate and personal clients, following my mission to create breakthrough stylish wardrobes for every woman and man wanting style clarity, comfort and confidence.

My proven holistic corporate styling process solves corporate workwear dilemmas for CEOs, HR and marketing managers, and gives your team an unquestionable edge. You’ll walk away with a collection-based uniform and tailored dress policy guidelines that are uniquely yours, fresh and modern.

Thanks to my Standout Corporate Makeover, your entire team will project a stylish vibe that has them glowing— from head to toe—and makes dressing for work easy and joyful.


As Your Personal Stylist

I’ve simplified the style principles and developed sound strategies that empower women and men, just like you, to discover their authentic style and fall in love with their wardrobe, regardless of their age, shape, profession, lifestyle or budget.


I personally guarantee you a great experience and amazing results. No need for nervousness. Nothing scary happens here. No judging – about anything!

So if you’re looking for an Adelaide personal stylist, I’m here to work with you, your style and your budget, on your terms.

I’ll show you how to utilise your existing wardrobe and which key items we need to add to enhance your wardrobe so you can get up, get dressed and walk out the door looking and feel amazing – EVERY DAY.

I Don’t Believe In Fashion Fads or Rules.

I believe that getting dressed and feeling amazing each day should be easy and accessible to everyone. That is why I’ve dedicated my professional life to teaching you how you can look and feel amazing every day, with very little effort.

Confidently develop your own head-turning style for work or play, without having to rely on fashion pieces as statement crutches, with the help of Adelaide Based Personal Stylist Amanda.

And that’s exactly what happens when you understand balance and proportion and how both equally impact your outfits. I totally get this and will make sure you do too.

Add to this my creative talents and no-brainer strategy to create your Style Manifesto and you’ll walk away with an authentic and stylish look that turns heads and earns compliments.

When You Mix Art With Science, Magic Happens!

– Amanda Curren

Nail Your Style, Once and for All

  • Feel good—in any outfit. Enjoy a clutter free wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear!
  • Say goodbye to nagging thoughts! Thoughts like, “Do I look ok in this?” or “Damn, I have nothing to wear!” or ’Does this go together?”” or “I have no idea what looks good on me” will be a thing of the past.
  • Have absolute style confidence. Oh-la-la. Watch the compliments roll in and feel amazing in whatever you wear. Your cost effective and efficient wardrobe will never let you down again.

What The Style Manifesto is not about…

  • Creating fashion victims!
  • Cloning!
  • Head-to-toe trend dressing!
  • Spending thousands on high-end brands
  • Dressing you like us!
  • Rules!

Nope, that’s not what we do. Personal Styling is sooooo much more than that. We dig deep; do some serious exploration together to discover what’s going to work for you, your lifestyle, personal preferences and budget. Then, and only then, do we begin with personalising tips, advice and tools we need to. It’s all about creating a personal style that is tickity boo for YOU.

So let’s create your Style Manifesto.

Are You Ready For Some Style Confidence?

Stressed About Having Nothing To Wear?