How to go from

“Gah! I Have Nothing Nice to Wear”

to “Finally! I have great outfits for any occasion without breaking the bank!”

I’ll teach you the strategies to create 69 outfits from 10 garments


This Is For You If…

  • You frequently open your (full) wardrobe and feel totally disheartened because nothing feels quite right to wear.
  • You keep buying new outfits for work, romantic dates and social events, but despite all the money you’ve spent your wardrobe doesn’t inspire you at all.
  • You want a better plan and strategy to simplify clothes shopping and dressing.
  • You’re intrigued by how you can possibly create 69 outfits from just 10 key garments and then build on that to create a wardrobe that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget.
  • You’re interested in saving time and money on clothes shopping, from here on in.

I Love Creating


And that’s what we’re going to be doing together! When we’re done, you’ll never experience wardrobe frustration again. Woohoo!

Instead of feeling frustrated and insecure about your wardrobe you’ll feel calm and confidentYou’ll start each day with a renewed sense of energy. Your new fabulous wardrobe greets you each day with open doors and an abundance of options.  No matter the occasion, you’ll be able to dress effortlessly and stylishly.


You’ve finally nailed wardrobe shopping! Your fabulous new wardrobe is bursting with options that can be styled up or down. You understand the strategies that allows you to keep your shopping on budget and in line with your lifestyle needs. 

Getting dressed in the mornings is effortless. So many choices that make you look and feel amazing. Packing for holidays and work trips is a piece of cake. It’s as easy as… open wardrobe, select appropriate wardrobe capsule. Done.

Hi, I’m Amanda!

I’m a professional Personal Stylist and the woman behind The Style Manifesto brand.

I’m passionate about helping everyday people feel more confident and assured about their clothing choices. That’s why I’ve created this eCourse—The Fabulous Wardrobe Project… How to Plan, Create, Organize and Shop for the Perfect Wardrobe (so you ALWAYS have something stylish to wear!)

I believe that every woman and man deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes. I’ve created The Fabulous Wardrobe Project to teach you how you can build a cost-effective, fabulous wardrobe. We’ll be working with creative, practical style solutions and sound strategies.

You Don’t Need…

A LOT of clothes in your wardrobe, BUT you DO need the RIGHT MIX of key pieces that WORK WELL together.  I have a formula for that.

I’ve worked in this industry for 15 years. I’ve worked with over 7,000 clients and the one thing that 98% of them have told me is they want to know how to create a cost-effective, efficient wardrobeAnd if there is one thing I know how to do well, it’s exactly that!  By the end of this eCourse you’ll have a blueprint for planning, organising, creating and shopping for a fabulous wardrobe.

A new wardrobe that suits YOU, YOUR lifestyle, YOUR terms and YOUR budget.

This here is much more than a simple eCourse. It’s a tool that will serve you for LIFE.  You’ll be able to use this simple, revolutionary life changing tool over and over again, season in, season out. With this tool you’ll save time and money. Better yet, you can finally say GOODBYE to standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes saying “I have nothing to wear!”

Highly Recommended!

My favourite part was the Cost Effective Shopping and Budgeting section

“After having worked with Amanda one-on-one to create my personal branding, I know that I will never go shopping for clothes on my own again. So this course was the next step in having Amanda’s voice in my ear to gain a better understanding of how to use my Fabulous Wardrobe. When you find the best in the business, you want to stay as close to them as possible!

My favourite part was the Cost Effective Shopping and Budgeting section, because it helped me really understand the Price-Per-Wear (PPW) of everything in my wardrobe. In the past I have wasted so much money on one-off outfits for a special occasion that just sat in the wardrobe doing nothing. I now give myself permission to buy expensive pieces for my wardrobe knowing that it is great value and I’m actually saving money.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who looks in their wardrobe and is frustrated or dejected because they have nothing to wear. This eCourse has given me the tools to confidently choose the right items for my fabulous wardrobe and know that I’ve made the right investment in outfits to match my personality and professionalism.”

Marlene Cole, Founder, New Generation Careers

“A wardrobe well-planned is a wardrobe well worn.”

— Amanda Curren 

A fabulous wardrobe contains the right mix of clothing and accessories for your lifestyle and consists of only pieces you love and can wear.

It’s free from the frustration of clutter, created by unflattering and unwearable garments. That is a fabulous wardrobe, in a nutshell!

Get Access To…


MODULE #1: The Lifestyle Analysis

This module teaches you how to assess exactly what you need in your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle. Regardless of whether you’re a sports nut or a social butterfly, in this module you’ll discover exactly what you need in your wardrobe for your lifestyle.

MODULE #2: De-Clutter & Organize That Wardrobe

De-cluttering is simple when you see my proven and tested step-by-step system to ridding your wardrobe of clothes you don’t like (and wear), which gets rid of frustration. When you’re done with this module you’ll know exactly how to organise your wardrobe for maximum efficiency. Oh yeah. Who knew getting organised could be so much fun.

MODULE #3: The Wardrobe Capsule Concept

You’ve probably heard the term “capsule wardrobe” but never knew what it actually meant. What if I told you that you can create 69 outfits from just 10 garments! Sounds crazy? Maybe. But this is exactly what you’ll be able to do once you’ve completed this module. You’ll have total peace of mind whenever you need to get dressed—whether it’s for a work day, family gathering or a romantic date.

MODULE #4: Shoes, Gorgeous Shoes

No. You DON’T need 100s of pairs of shoes in your wardrobe to feel like you’ve got a pair for all occasions. All you need is the know how to building a collection of shoes you love, so that you can wear them to death. And save thousands of dollars along the way. That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this module.

MODULE #5: Make a List

Shopping for clothes can be way more fun with a well-planned shopping list. I’ll show you how you can turn your next shopping trip into a successful experience. You’ll know exactly what pieces to buy to complete your fabulous wardrobe!

MODULE #6: Cost Effective Shopping and Budgeting

This module is all about money honey. To make sure you’re not burning through your retirement fund to get styled up. I’ll teach you simple strategies to keep your spending budget smart and on track. You’ll thank me later. I know you’ll want to!

MODULE #7: Shop Like a Pro

Discover how to shop efficiently and effectively—yes you can do totally this —with my tips. You’ll be done in a quarter of the usual time you spend shopping. You’ll shop with laser like precision, and zoom in on the pieces you need and will love to wear.

More Reasons To Say YES!

You’ll save a ton of money in the weeks, months and years to come. With this new-found knowledge of yours, impulse buying will become a thing of the past. Each Module includes a suite of tools, including a video tutorial, a worksheet full of info, tips, guides and actions. Amongst these you’ll find:

  • Seasonal Shopping Lists for Work Wear and Off Duty Wear
  • A Wardrobe Budget Tool that works perfectly with your shopping lists.

The lessons in this eCourse are designed to be used season in season out to assist in Planning, Creating, Organizing and Shopping for your perfect Wardrobe.

Why The Fabulous Wardrobe Project is a perfect fit, no matter where you live or how much money you have…

I’m conscious of the fact that not everyone can afford a professional Personal Stylist like me! This is what makes The Fabulous Wardrobe Project a perfect gift to yourself or for that friend who is always complaining about not having anything nice to wear.

These tips, lessons and secrets work for anyone, regardless of your age, location, lifestyle or budget. I’ve created this eCourse to serve more people like you who want to feel fabulous in their clothes and not waste thousands of dollars, especially on impulse purchases and things you never wear. Let’s create your fabulous wardrobe, together.  

Are You Ready


You can enrol in The Fabulous Wardrobe Project for just $160.

If you hired me to teach you these things and implement them in your wardrobe 1:1 it would cost at least… $1000!

WAIT… why is this so cheap then?

It’s simple really… The Fabulous Wardrobe Project is almost like having me right there with you, teaching you these wardrobe strategies and applying them in a ‘Wardrobe Edit’ and ‘Personal Shopping’ session — which as I said would cost at least… $1000. But because this eCourse is 100% online you can access it from any computer or device in the world without needing me by your side, you get it way cheaper than a 1:1 consult with me.


And let’s not forget the $$$ you will save by following my advice on shopping smart(er). Please note: you get immediate access to all course modules after checkout.


If you enrol today you will also get a savvy body shape consultation with me worth $150

During this Online Body Shape Consultation, you’ll discover your body shape and get super confident about how to best dress to flatter your figure. The PERFECT accompaniment to THE FABULOUS WARDROBE PROJECT!

You’re covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not 100% convinced that The Fabulous Wardrobe Project is an amazing tool to help you save thousands of dollars in the future and build a fabulous wardrobe simply email me within 7 days and I’ll refund your money, without question. I don’t want your money if you’re not 100% thrilled about your investment with me. Deal? I know that if you’re like my other Fabulous Wardrobe Project customers you won’t need to worry about that. You’ll love the new, confident and stylish you. Let’s make it so.