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Thank you Amanda! Our STYLE ON SKYPE session gave me a huge boost! When we finished I spent an hour or so after playing with outfit ideas based on what you taught me. Fun! 🙂 I have thought more about what I wear, had fun getting dressed, and added a few touches I wouldn’t normally bother with. I’ve also started playing with the capsule concept and finding items in my wardrobe that fit in with my signature style. Feel so much more me!! It really IS important…not just dress ups, clothes or going shopping…but it can represent so much more if we learn how to do this well. You are teaching me concepts I have never learnt before, I am so grateful. I am really seeing how our understanding of our individual signature style plays a part in our personal wellbeing. Thank you very much.

Debra Peacock, Health and Wellness Practitioner www.bluepeacock.com.au

After a move to a cool climate, having children and changing jobs, I found myself in a style state! Amanda’s styling sessions helped me define my style and clarify my wardrobe needs. No more wasted money on clothes I never wear! Shopping with Amanda, is an investment in me (not to mention fun!). I now feel confident and love my wardrobe. I get compliments on my outfits everywhere I go and better yet I always have something to wear! Thank you Amanda x
Alana Johnson – GP
I’ve worked with Amanda over the last 5 years and she has become a valued stylist for both my business personal brand and creating a lifestyle wardrobe that I love. Amanda is the type of stylist you want – one who gets to know you and your lifestyle and makes shopping and dressing fun, quick and effective. I can’t count the number of compliments I get after shopping with Amanda.
Kathryn Hocking – kathrynhocking.com

The result Amanda achieves with, and for, her clients are wonderful. Not only do they look fantastic but they glow with confidence after working with her. Amanda’s knowledge is second to none and her gentle but fun approach makes it easy for clients to learn and grow. Highly, highly recommended!

Sheridan Stewart – Regional Content Director & Breakfast Show presenter at ABC Local Radio

I found the session with Amanda incredibly valuable in regards to personal branding and how to align my style with my organisation’s identity. The workshops and activities were a great eye opener teaching us how people can make assumptions based on your clothing / appearance and how to ensure you dress for your body and colouring.

The presentation was incredibly useful and I have most definitely taken tips for my both my personal and corporate attire. I would recommend Ask Amanda for both corporate and personal styling. Thank you Amanda!

Vanessa Panos – Trade Marketing Executive SA/NT – Coca-Cola Amatil

Woohoo! With a new job, relocating to Queensland a wardrobe makeover to suit the tropics was necessary. I needed a safe pair of hands to get this right so I turned to Amanda. Not only did she select fab clothes that work perfectly for the office and social outings she also managed to make them all work with the clothes she and I brought on our last shopping trip, winner! Love the colours, love the styles, love the coolness.

Thank you so much Amanda. Xx

Lynn Bailey, Senior Manager Medical Services, Brisbane

I came to Amanda because I was returning to work from maternity leave and was facing the daunting task of replacing my entire work wardrobe. I was feeling the pressure to look extra-professional, as the only part-time consultant, but I also wanted my work look to be less bland and more ‘me’ than in the past. While I don’t actively dislike shopping it was such a relief to have someone else who knew the marketplace and could identify and understand my personality, shape and most flattering colours. I didn’t have the time to trawl through all the shops on my own, with a small child in tow, trying to figure out how my body shape had changed since my pregnancy.

The sessions on Personal Style, Colour Direction and Wardrobe Planning were excellent and Amanda was able to find me a coordinated wardrobe of pieces in one single shopping trip. This has made it easy to put outfits together and look professional every day with a minimal amount of effort. Seven months after returning to work on a part time basis I was promoted. I have no doubt that Amanda’s assistance in refreshing my professional image has contributed to this success.

Liz Renton – Client Delivery Manager- Revolution IT

As a professional business owner how I look is important to me. In the past I have made some disastrous wardrobe mistakes purchasing expensive suits that didn’t work for me – though I could never work out why. Now I do know why – under the guidance of Ask Amanda Image Consultants my wardrobe now reflects my style and personality, I make better purchasing decisions and know how to maximise my wardrobe. Shopping is so much easier for me as I am really clear about what works and what doesn’t – thanks a million – you have saved me both time and money….not to mention feeling great too! Judith Sellick – Director – Judith Sellick Consulting

After studying full-time for six years I found myself in that not uncommon position of preparing to join the workforce with a decidedly lacking wardrobe and no clear vision about what image would best serve me in my chosen career. Having been restricted by a student’s budget for so long I had no idea where to start or even where to find appropriate clothes. A friend recommended that I see an image consultant and when I saw Ask Amanda’s graduate programme I signed up for the deal.

It was the best decision I had made in a long time. I now know what colours and clothing styles present the best me and how to incorporate my personal style with my professional image. The make-up tips Amanda provided were also sensational and I now have a comprehensive profile that will easily assist me with all future wardrobe acquisitions. I no longer feel lost and believe that I can make informed choices every time I set foot in a clothing store. No more fashion disasters for me!

The Graduate Programme was a great investment in my future and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone about to break out into the workforce or who is seeking a change in their career image.

Andrea Sangster – Psychologist and Owner – Mt Barker Psychology

People come to Elysion when they want to be the best they can be in life. When it came time for the people from Elysion to look the best we could be, we turned to Ask Amanda. Amanda has an impressive understanding of image, colour and fashion and the expertise to put it in practice.

She showed us what colours suit us based on our skin tone, hair and eye colour.  We learned the best style of clothes to wear and most importantly what not to wear.  We are not experts but it is obvious now that we know more about image and colour than most fashion shop staff. Since our sessions with Amanda we have not wasted any more money on the wrong clothes. Amanda advised my wife on the best haircut for her face shape and took her to the ‘Ask Amanda Preferred’ hairstylist – Emmo, together they created a totally new and wonderful hairstyle for my wife. Weeks later, she is still getting comments on how great she looks! If you are contemplating changing or improving your image or if you want to look fabulous I suggest you call Amanda. You will feel great.
Frank Spartalis – Partner – Elysion

I recently engaged the professional services of Amanda of Ask Amanda as I was looking for sound and practical advice on how to best present myself for media and business events. The advice and guidance that Amanda provided encompassed a broad range of issues, not just in dress sense, but personal style, colour, and grooming as well.

With a two week deadline for a major award event Amanda was also able to access an exceptional designer and dressmaker to turn out just the right gown for the special event. With her special brand of one on one consultation Amanda has given me the guidance and tools to ensure that I can present myself in the best possible way each and every time.

I thoroughly recommend Amanda to any discerning person who desires to achieve the best presentation each and every time.

Terri Scheer – Entrepreneur and Founder of Terri Scheer Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

As an executive in a global firm, my image is important because of the amount of exposure I have both within my organisation and through public speaking engagements. While I was comfortable with my style, I knew it was it was conservative and I longed to wear colours other than navy, cream and black! To be honest, shopping for clothes was a chore because I didn’t know what colours and styles really suited me.

After spending an enjoyable two days with Amanda, I am very glad that I made the investment. A number of people have commented on the new palate of colours I am wearing, and that I somehow look more energised. My husband has commented that the subtle changes in my make-up are very effective – he can’t quite tell what is different, but he likes the effect.

With the clothes that I bought during my shopping trip with Amanda, followed by a thorough clean out of my closet, I now have a wardrobe that works for me. Best of all, I know that next time I go clothes shopping I will know what to try and what to walk away from. That knowledge is going to save me time and money … and I will go home knowing that what I bought will look good.

Sara Watts, Chief Financial Officer, IBM Australia/New Zealand

Wanting to do something unique and to give something back to our team, at the end of a team building day, we engaged Ask Amanda to deliver a workshop on personal style – a fun, practical and engaging session, where everyone took away tips on what styles best suit their shape and express their personality via their clothing.

It also positively impacted self confidence, as it gave knowledge about how to make the most of your shape – important issues that can also positively impact confidence in the workplace.  Yes this workshop was personal, but I saw it go broader than this, it gave team members a shared experience to talk about and the confidence to try different styles, impacting creativity and personal style.

I would highly recommend this workshop, either individually or for small teams.

Steph Roberts –  Human Resources Manager –  City of Marion

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