Are You Ready for the Clever Business Makeover?


That is exactly what you’ll be able to do after we complete your CLEVER BUSINESS MAKEOVER.

How it works?

It all starts with the Clever Business Makeover Starter Kit I send to you, then over a cuppa at my studio on the morning of your CLEVER BUSINESS MAKEOVER we start creating magic.

6 Reasons this is for you:
  • Getting dressed for business or work each day is frustrating, because you feel that your wardrobe lacks choice and style.
  • What you want more than anything is to get dressed each day quickly and easily and feel amazing, in clothes that compliment you and enhance your figure.
  • You’re sick and tired of wasting money on outfits that make you feel average. You want to feel fabulous and amazing and enjoy a few compliments along the way. And why not!
  • Perhaps you’ve put on a few extra kilos and feel super self conscious at business events and work. You’d love to feel more confident in the clothes you wear, regardless of your body shape or size. You can.
  • You feel under-dressed and not as stylish as your colleagues, competitors and clients! Something has to change.
  • You travel for business and need an easy-to-pack travel wardrobe, preferably one that fits in your carry-on bag, so you can skip the queues and avoid wasting precious time waiting at baggage claim.

During this 1-Day CLEVER BUSINESS MAKEOVER you’ll get the professional wardrobe you’ve always wanted.


Yes please!

We’ll work on…

Your Personal Branding strategy (to assure your brand exudes a congruent vibe).

Your best Colour Direction (you’ll be surprised how colour can enhance your complexion and make you shine).

How to best dress your Body Shape (yes, your shape is perfectly capable of looking amazing, in the right styles).

Your Signature Style and how to cultivate it (connecting with a style that is uniquely yours is a total game changer helping you look and feel comfortable and confident).

Your wardrobe gaps and needs so that we can craft a well-planned shopping list (a well planned list leads to successful shopping).

Once we’ve got all the exciting prep work behind us I’ll take you out for a light lunch! Yes. Lunch is on me.

In the afternoon we put your tools to work, with a Savvy Shopping Session! Prepare for lasting transformation.

With the help of my 15+ years of industry experience we quickly select the best styles for you with laser-like precision. Say goodbye to aimless wandering and impulse shopping!

Change room angst and frustrations will be a thing of the past. I’ll be your runner if the size doesn’t fit or if we want to change things up.

When we’ve decided on the selections, I’ll show you how to style it all together. Finally, you too will be an accessorising pro. Oh yeah!

Better still… due to my fabulous relationships with the local retailers you get great discounts! Many of my clients have told me that the discounts alone have covered my fee for the day. Many personal stylists get retailer kickbacks for bringing them new clients. I don’t. I prefer to give you these kickbacks to you instead, in discounts.


Morning consultation as outlined above.

A take home style profile to make it easy for you to successfully add future key pieces to your wardrobe.


Afternoon shopping session.

*** The actual cost of your new wardrobe is NOT included in this service. We will discuss your budget when we work together so that I can cater to your needs and select appropriate retailers that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Be on Brand and Look the Part

Business is more fun when you look the part and feel confident. Hello compliments.

You’ll be the proud owner of a stylish new wardrobe that not only works, but is full of clothes you love to wear to work. Dressing each morning or packing for business travel will be quick and easy.

You’ll feel amazing and super confident. Bring on those work functions.

Results focused!

“Now I have something appropriate to wear for every event.”

“Amanda is a business professional’s dream. Having minimum shopping hours and maximum working hours – black was my suit of choice.

Amanda tackled my wardrobe and I now have fantastic colours and textures replacing the drab black. I have something appropriate to wear for every event.

Amanda is professional, efficient and thorough. She has extensive knowledge of style and offers endless tricks and techniques to achieve an image. Amanda’s service is very results focused.”

Dawn Hayter – M D – IGOR Human Science Consultancy

What is the investment?

Get ready to make a clear statement, about you and your professional style or business brand with THE CLEVER BUSINESS MAKEOVER.

Your new wardrobe will inspire you to get dressed in the mornings, without wasting precious time or getting caught in overwhelm.

It’s as simple as… open wardrobe, pick an outfit, dress in style. Done.

My clients tell me that the money they save on the retailer discounts I have secured for them often cover a large portion of my fee. In addition, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by avoiding impulse shopping and knowing how to shop smarter..

Book a CLEVER BUSINESS MAKEOVER for just $1250

Take the first step today…

And get in touch with me to discuss your CLEVER BUSINESS MAKEOVER.

I promise you’ll love the confident new you.

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