With a little luck here in the South we’re about to exit ALL OUT Winter dressing and enter TRANSEASONAL Spring zone.

I 100% advocate a high functioning, transeasonal wardrobe. Not only because it’s more cost effective but with a little creativity we can generate fabulous, individual style through clever layering.

Think YOUR way, YOUR style, YOUR terms.

At this point in fashion time I’d go so far as to say the whole seasonal wardrobe thing has become redundant. With the choices available we no longer need a Spring Wardrobe, a Summer Wardrobe, an Autumn Wardrobe and a Winter Wardrobe.

Sure, there are winter woollies I wouldn’t wear in Summer, but besides that I wear most of my wardrobe year round. Simply layer more through the cooler months and less during the warmer ones. You will look amazing AND avoid ever getting caught out being too hot or cold – nothing worse right?!

TIP: Through Spring and Autumn dress warmer on the bottom, lighter on top with the option of layering up with a scarf and a jacket or coat.

Essentially what we want are base pieces that offer flexibility and longevity. These are key items that we can wear now (for many different occasions) AND down the track (for many different occasions).

And we want some fun, more disposable pieces that bring our style to life and offer change.

AND, it’s as easy as 1,2,3

  1. BUILD YOUR ‘ESSENTIALS’ BASE – and make it solid as a rock…
  2. ADD A BIT OF FUN ON THE SIDE – embrace colour, texture and print
  3. FINISH – accessories, accessories, accessories!

Today let’s start at the start…


To make this solid as a rock we want pieces that are not bound to any particular season (or location) that can be styled up, down, round and round AND look amazing. I like to have base pieces that have just enough interest to make them not so ‘basic’. This list will be different for everyone (I don’t believe there are ‘10 wardrobe items every woman should own’). Just think in terms of your season-in, season-out favourites – likely some (or all) of these…




Here’s how it looks all put together. Countless outfit options right here!

BUT stay tuned for STEP 2 – Add a bit of fun on the side – embrace colour, texture and print – because we all need a bit fun in our lives (and our wardrobes ;-))

In the meantime dive into your wardrobe and work out what’s working and what’s missing.

I’d love to hear how you go building your essentials base so let me know in the comments section below.

PS I’m a proud promoter of stores and brands I love and respect. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click to buy the item, I earn a small commission but you don’t pay extra. This helps pay for a smidge of the time that is takes me to create these tips for you.  All pieces promoted here I would happily wear myself and recommend to my clients.