15 years in this Personal Stylist game  and I’m telling you , have seen it all! But there are 3 super common shopping mistakes I see over and over. Shopping mistakes can be expensive but there’s good news, armed with a bit of knowledge and a plan they can be avoided. Read on and you’ll be shopping like a pro!

Mistake 1- Random Purchase

So often I find pieces in my client’s wardrobes that simply don’t belong, things that just don’t go with anything else. You know that must have top that you just couldn’t resist or the AMAZING shoes that you just new you couldn’t live without, neither of which go with anything else you own.


Set aside some time to research what’s around. Look on line, in magazines and brochures to narrow things down and then head out to your favourite shopping precinct to finish your research off – try things on, think outside the box.   Put a ‘no buy’ policy on your research day. Next, create a plan for the season, remember that you want maximize your investment on every piece, when I shop (for myeslf and my clients) my aim is 10 garment = 69 outfits and it works! Once you have a plan for the season, head out for your shopping day, try to get it all done in the one day, you will be amazed at how much time and money you save in the long run.

Mistake 2 – Unflattering Purchases

Buying unflattering colours or styles that you either don’t wear or worse, wear but don’t enjoy wearing them is the second mistake I see so often. The best wardrobe investments are those pieces you look good and feel confident in as you wear them loads.


Work out once and for all what works, what doesn’t work and why! We all have challenges and assets, the trick is to learn which colours and styles hide your challenges and highlight your assets and express your personality. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t flatter you, fit you well, and feel suit your personality no matter how fashionable or fabulous it is. If you’re not able to have a personal styling session a little tip that goes a long way is listen… to those comments people make, the “WOW, you look great”, the “ohhhh that’s so your colour” or the “have you lost weight” (when you actually haven’t) and really observe what you are wearing, the shape, the length, the colour, the type of print etc. and simply REPEAT!  REPEAT!  REPEAT!

Mistake 3 – Buying ‘Bargains???’

A bargain is only a bargain if you wear it – in so many cases sale items are purchased because they were on sale, not because they are loved, perfect and suitable for your lifestyle.


Ask yourself “Would I buy this if it wasn’t on sale?” If the answer is no, put it back on the rack, smile and walk away, you’ve just saved yourself the price on that tag!

It all comes back to those good old 5 ‘P’s’:  Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Love your style,

Amanda xo