With a new year comes new goals, right?!

So, I’m going to do a series of STYLE GOALS, a collection of points that determine whether or not:

– getting dressed is quick and easy
– your style is effortless, authentic and consistent
– you look and feel amazing – every day!

Here we go…

STYLE GOAL # 1 – Learn what works for you… And what doesn’t…

What does that mean?

Learn everything from what suits your colouring, body shape, proportions, height and frames size to what really expresses your personality and works for your lifestyle.


Because it makes everything easier; shopping becomes way more efficient, putting an outfit together is a snap, choosing accessories – easy-peasy and your wardrobe can have less but do more…

Helping my clients understand this is probably my favourite thing as I know how life changing and liberating it is 💃

Have you nailed this? Or do you struggle?

Reach out if you need some help with this, trust me, it’s a HUGE relief!

Amanda xo