As you’d probably imagine my research for each season starts months in advance… and each season I wait and watch (impatiently) to see what filters through and hits out Australian stores… 

This season I have been very pleasantly surprised at the beautiful array of Pantone 2019 colours popping up EVERYWHERE…

So let me introduce you to my new colour friends 💃(can’t decide whether I love their names or their hues more!)

• Fiesta
• Jester Red
• Turmeric
• Living Coral
• Pink Peacock
• Pepper Stem
• Aspen Gold
• Princess Blue
• Toffee
• Mango Mojito
• Terrarium Moss
• Sweet Lilac
• Soybean
• Eclipse
• Sweet Corn
• Brown Granite

Now for the real question, which one(s) are on your wish list for the coming season? Drop me a comment below and tell me!

I absolutely love Jester Red, Pink Peacock, Terrarium Moss and Brown Granite!

Stay tuned for some focus posts where I’ll showcase some beautiful pieces and ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe.

As always, love your style,